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To give you the best possible service on your trip we now include a Connection guarantee. The idea is to offer you as smooth and easy a trip as possible. This means that if you are travelling on separate flight tickets and there is a delay, schedule change or cancellation leading to a delay of more than 24 hours to your final destination, Gotogate will help you find the best possible flight option. If there is no reasonable alternative you will instead be offered a full refund for all unused flight tickets, or a ticket back to your original departure airport – whichever is more convenient.

Note that we will only help you where changes to one ticket affects your other tickets; for instance, if you are flying Stockholm-Oslo-New York City-Dallas and the last segment is a separate ticket, we will rebook that part. Also note that this service applies under normal circumstances. It does not apply in case of Force Majeure, such as extreme weather conditions.

Further, the Connection guarantee is no longer valid if you make changes to any of your flight tickets without our consent.

The Connection guarantee can be used:

  • If the airline changes the schedule or cancels the flight before the original departure time and this leads to a delay of more than 24 hours to your final destination.
  • When you are traveling on separate tickets.

How to use your Connection guarantee:

  • If the flight is delayed, the airline changes the schedule or cancels the flight, you must contact us by phone or email within 48 hours if your departure is in 4 days or more; however, if your departure is in less than 4 days, you have to contact us within 24 hours. If you don’t contact us within the specified times the guarantee will no longer be valid. When you inform us of a schedule change or a delay, we will offer you a new flight in the same fare class within 72 hours, or give you a full refund for the unused flight tickets.
    We must have your reply within 24 hours from the moment you receive our proposal, or your Connection guarantee will no longer be valid.
  • If you because of a delayed or canceled flight miss a connecting flight that is on a separate ticket, you have to contact us as soon as possible by phone. Should this happen outside our regular opening hours, you have to book a new flight on your own to your final destination. We will reimburse you afterwards, provided that you have booked a flight in the same fare class and at a reasonable cost. If you choose to upgrade the ticket you will have to pay the difference. Please note that in these cases we always follow the airport’s recommendation of minimum connection time. If you with reference to this should have made your connecting flight, no refund will be given.

Accommodation: If you because of a delayed or canceled flight miss your connecting flight and have to stay the night (22:00- 08:00), you will be reimbursed the cost of accommodation (maximum 50 CAD/passenger). The compensation applies regardless of the number of nights.

Food and beverages: Should you because of a delayed or cancelled flight be more than 4 hours late, we will compensate you your outlays for food and beverages (up to 10 CAD/person).

If you are offered accommodation or food from the airline or at the airport, no compensation will be given.

Alternative transport: If we can’t find you another flight from the same airport, we can direct you to other airports within a radius of 200 kilometers. In this case we will reimburse you your transportation costs – maximum amount 100 CAD for you and your travel company.


In some cases you might need a visa or transit visa to complete your journey. It’s your responsibility to find out if you do.


Please note that since you’re traveling with different airlines on separate tickets, or with the same airline on separate tickets, you may have to collect and check your baggage between flights.